Born in England, UK,  Alison Cottrell was found to have a gift in the arts at the age of nine. After pursuing this interest through school and then college, she explored further with her enrollment at Bournville School of Art and Design, with interests in charcoals, oil painting and photography. Difficult circumstances during this period resulted in a thirteen year hiatus, during which time she found solace in an appreciation for natural history and a love of travel. With new and inspired enthusiasm, Alison would go on to complete an MSci Hons degree in geology, and is now studying for a PhD in the same subject. Alison credits her profound appreciation for natural history as the driving force that refuelled her love of the arts.



“My passion in geology enables me to work in some of the most captivating places on Earth,

it constantly teaches me scientifically and inspires me artistically.

The pieces I produce are my unique interpretations of the natural beauty I see all around us. Welcome to my world.


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AcknowledgementsThank you to all my family and friends who continue to show their everlasting support, encouragement, and an immense amount of patience during remote field trips/ lengthly impromptu photo shoots.

– Eternally grateful  –